TripleR round-up

GSoC 2010 is over – here’s the harvest from my project:

TripleR 0.4.3 is the current stable version – and it is a major milestone in its development. Now for the first time social relations round robin designs can be analyzed in R. All results have been cross-checked with TripleR’s DOS predecessor SOREMO.exe, and all results are identical. Currently, we’re working on simulations about missing values in RR-designs. The results look very promising, nonetheless, the active development of TripleR will continue after GSoC.

During the project I changed the repository from R-Forge to RForge – Simon (who runs the latter) is very helpful and responsive. I really appreciated that.

Bug fixing and a proper documentation took much more time than I’ve planned – maybe that’s a hint for future GSoC students. These steps (in particular the documentation) really take their time.

Overall, GSoC 2010 was a good experience for me. I was happy to have the funding to complete this project.

Finally, I want to thank my mentor, Stefan, and Dirk for organizing everything!

Project: TripleR – Social Relations Analyses in R
Student: Felix Schönbrodt, LMU Munich, Germany
Mentor: Stefan Schmukle, University of Münster